The First Marathon on China's Great Wall



Survivor Story

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In December of 1978, Dick entered the Community Hospital for a hernia operation and received some shattering news. It was cancer and Dick was given six months to a year to live. Dick had worked out religiously since quitting professional football, just to stay in shape. He kept it up during six months of radiation therapy. But it wasn't easy. Dick got so weak that at one point he found he couldn't run a full lap. He'd try and collapse. Good news followed. The disease began to subside and Molen continued his exercise. Gradually his stamina returned. He could complete a lap then two, then three. More X-rays and tests were taken and the best of news. The doctors no longer found a trace of cancer, they considered his recovery miraculous. The couple took a trip to Europe to "celebrate life." While in Florence they viewed Michelangelo's statue of David. "It was Awesome," remembers Dick. This inspirational sight triggered in Dick the need to do more than recover. He decided to run a marathon. Dick moved into high gear with his running and by December of 1980 entered and finished in his first 26-miler, the Las Vegas Marathon. His time was 2 hours 59 minutes, excellent for his age and second in his age category. It qualified Dick for the Boston Marathon.-Dave Leonard-Monterey Herald, September.1981


The Beautiful City of Florence, Italy where Michelangelo's famous statue of David can be seen.


Las Vegas Marathon

2nd in Age Group - Qualified him for the Boston Marathon - Dave Leonard - Monterey Herald 1981

Boston Marathon

8th of 2,000 runners in age group - Jerry Stone - Your Health Magazine - 1985


One of only 4 runners out of 27,000 to be featured in the Racer's Recordbook -1981


Exclusive Story seen in Runner's World June 1985

As seen in Runner's World April 1988 - Dr. Randy Eichner M.D.

"I'm not a doctor or a guru...But I tell people who ask for advice to concentrate on three things. Mental attitude is first. Changing your diet is second. And the third is getting some kind of exercise"-Dick Molen, June 1986,


"I worked out until I was so weak I couldn't lift a barbell. I went to the track and ran until I fell down. I got to the point where I would run 20 yards and fall down. And, of course, I would cry."-Dick Molen, October 1986, Cope


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