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Greek Marathon

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"American athlete Dick Molen and wife Jan arrived in Athens Wednesday and tested themselves in the classic Marathon to Athens 42k course, Dick finished in a time of under 3 hours. For those who know his story it was an accomplishment of massive proportions. Dick is 48 years old and 5 years ago he was diagnosed with cancer, Hodgkin's disease. He battled his way back from near death by sheer will and determination and was cured".....-Athens News, July 27, 1984

From the coastal town of Marathon, across the Plains of Marathon, to the beautiful marble Panathenaic Stadium in the center of Athens, we ran the original Greek Marathon.


The original Greek marathoner 490 B.C
. - Legend has it that Phidippides ran the 24.8 miles from the small town of Marathon to Athens to announce the Greek victory over the Persians at the Battle of Marathon. He collapsed and died after he carried the news of the victory.

The modern Marathon commemorates his feat. In honor of Phidippides, the 24.8 mile marathon became part of the Olympic Games held in Athens in 1896. A year later, the Boston Marathon was held for the first time, making it the oldest marathon race in the United States.

Map of the southern Greek mainland.

Before we ran the marathon we visited a monument in the center of the village commemorating the Battle of Marathon.




Celebrating after the Greek Marathon, on a yacht sailing throughout the Greek Islands.